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Dear Readers,
I don't know whether or not to continue posting stories here. At one time, this seemed like an ideal place to meet other writers and storytellers and to share stories with readers who might be interested in the kind of writing I do. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out that way. Maybe I didn't engage enough with other sites or network enough to make this happen. In any case, I am considering pulling all of my work from the site and shutting it down because I really can't see any reason to keep it going.
I'm not sure if the page views I see in my stats are actual readers or if they are just people who got lost on the internet and landed here by mistake. Maybe most of those views are not real people, and maybe my blog has been incorporated into a botnet designed to take larger websites down. There is no way to know unless I hear from you.
So what do you think?
If you'd like to see more writing here or if you'd prefer me to leave the blog active, please comment on this post. I'll leave this post up awhile before I do anything, and we'll see what happens. If you're out there, I'd love to hear from you.

About One Tiny Leaf

I see my writing as one tiny leaf on a great big tree of budding authors. While I hope to one day publish professionally and find a community of writers and readers, for the present this blog allows me the space to put my work to the test. I welcome any constructive comments and feedback.