One Tiny Leaf

Short stories and poems

The main purpose of this blog is to share stories, poetry, and ruminations with anyone interested. Although, it is still in the process of construction (and probably always will be to some extent), I heartily welcome any constructive comments on the appearance or suggestions as to how to make it better.

I feel that sharing stories is not only important but part of what we were made to do.

If you can imagine the world of art as an enormous forest, and if you can imagine the community of writers today as one tree in that forest, then please consider my writing as one tiny leaf contributing to a much greater whole.

--Sarah Hogg


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About One Tiny Leaf

I see my writing as one tiny leaf on a great big tree of budding authors. While I hope to one day publish professionally and find a community of writers and readers, for the present this blog allows me the space to put my work to the test. I welcome any constructive comments and feedback.